Sasktel noSTRINGS: Roam & Relax

Sasktel noSTRINGS: Roam & Relax International
Sasktel customers can choose from a range of different Add-ons when traveling to international destinations including: U.S., Mexico, UK, France beyond.
We recommend customers select International 25 as it provides the convenience of being able to receive and make calls in the destination country and back home to Canada as well as send 100 text messages (inbound text messages aren't charged).
Flexiroam eSIM is the perfect way to augment your Sasktel Roam & Relax Add-on, providing you with cost effective Data access and removing the possibility of incurring hefty overage charges.
Item Name  International Data Only 60  International 25 International 50  International 95
Included minutes - 100 100 100
Included text messages - 100 100 200
Data 1 GB -- 750 MB 1.5 GB
Additional data $0.07/MB $0.07/MB $0.07/MB $0.07/MB
Additional minutes - $0.10/min $0.10/min $0.10/min
Additional text messages - $0.30/msg $0.30/msg $0.30/msg

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